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  • Jordan 6 Rings T-shirt Desin

    It has always been a dream for me to design for Michael Jordan as I grew up idolizing him in the 80's and 90's. One of the items on my bucket list was "TO DESIGN FOR JORDAN BRAND". Well last year, that came true! And I waited almost a year before they released my first design for them to the public. This is the first of several t-shirt. Hopefully I can design more for them in the future. 

    Jordan 6 Rings: 


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    This tee was unique because Nike's brief was for me to create a design that showcased Michael Jordan's 6 rings without using any official image of him. No official NBA imagery, no real uniforms, no faces, no real rings. So my solution was to recreate his first reaction after winning his 6th title at UTAH--raising 6 fingers to crowd. Something people will never forget. The rings are not based on the real ring designs as I had to recreate those too.