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  • Jeremy Lin Nike logo/branding exercise

    I’m a big fan of basketball and have been Inspired by the story and rise of New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin. So I decided to create my own take on what I think Nike could do for him in terms of branding and identity. I'm not an expert in this field so I did this exercise to hone my skills.
    Below are a few ideas. If you like what you see, let’s work together. 

    *this is not an official Nike (Jeremy Lin) logo
    *all photos used are not my own, if you are the owner and wish for me to take it down please contact


    I started sketching out ideas. Exploring several possible directions. Playing around with his initials, "JL" and his jersey number "17". I also explored doing a logo based on "LIN" or "JLIN". 

    I then started picking out some directions I thought would work and went on to recreate them in Adobe Illustrator. I really liked using "JL" because of the symmetry of the letters. You can essentially create the "J" and just flip it horizontally to use as the "L".

    I also liked the idea of of designing "LIN" as an ambigram. It worked because the "in" also become his jersey number "17". 

    The other directions included designing "JLIN" or "JL17" and make it look like Chinese characters. But not really sure if this is ok given the cultural implications.

    I felt strongly about the solution below because it was flexible enough to be used in many ways. As "JL", "JLIN", or "JL17". And by playing around the placement of "JL" and "IN/17", I found out that it creates a cross based on the negative space. As some people know, Jeremy Lin is very open about his faith.

    The next part was to apply the logo on posters, apparel, and other merchandise. Nike, after all, needs to sell products. I love the blue and orange of the New York Knicks so this was my jump-off point in choosing the colors.